SID 150 S2 Blower
SID 150 S2 Blower
SID 150 S2 Blower
SID 150 S2 Blower
SID 150 S2 Blower
SID 150 S2 Blower
SID 150 S2 Blower
SID 150 S2 Blower

Inline Fans - MS (Mild Steel) Body

  • Brand :SEM
  • Type :SID 150 S2
  • I/P Supply :230V , Single Phase, 50 Hz
  • Power (W) :120
  • Airflow (CMH) : 650
  • Airflow (CFM) : 382
  • Static-PR (mm-wc) : 38
  • Availability : In Stock

Other details

Technical Specification

Type I/P Supply AMPS(A) Power (W) RPM Airflow (CMH) Airflow (CFM) Static - PR(mm-wc) dBA CAP. μf ADMISSIBLE AMBIENT TEMP Weight (KG)
SID 150 S2 230V , Single Phase, 50 Hz 0.45 120 2600 650 382 38 54 2.5 54 4.5

Product Description

We offer the best quality SID 150 S2 inline fans with MS (Mild Steel) Body. Our offered SID 150 S2 inline fans are positioned in line with the ducting, bringing air from inside and outside of the establishment. Another name for an inline fan is a remote-mounted fan. They are highly durable, reliable, and made with mild steel body. Applications for inline fans include the ventilation of moist areas like restrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and many other commercial establishments.
There are many different airflow capacities for inline fans available, making them suited for both commercial and residential uses. Various sizes, flow rates, ducting configurations, controls, and accessories are available at Kunjmart.


This Product has a Power Supply of Single Phase with a frequency of 50 Hz with a Power consumption of 120 watts and 2600 RPM. This blower is known as the SID 150 S2 Inline Fans with MS (Mild Steel) Body.


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Product Description

Type SID 150 S2
I/P Supply 230V , Single Phase, 50 Hz
AMPS(A) 0.45
WATTS(W) 120
RPM 2600
Airflow (CMH) 650
Airflow (CFM) 382
Static - PR(mm-wc) 38
dBA 54
CAP. μf 2.5
Weight (KG) 4.5