Single Stage Ring Blowers

  • Brand :YASH
  • Type :0.5 Hp Single Stage Ring Blower YEBL-1-80
  • I/P Supply :415V, 50HZ, THREE PHASE
  • Power (W) :400
  • Airflow (CMH) : 80
  • Airflow (CFM) : 47
  • Static-PR (mm-wc) : As Shown
  • Availability : In Stock

Other details

Technical Specification

Type I/P Supply AMPS(A) Power (W) RPM Airflow (CMH) Airflow (CFM) Static - PR(mm-wc) dBA CAP. μf ADMISSIBLE AMBIENT TEMP Weight (KG)
0.5 Hp Single Stage Ring Blower YEBL-1-80 415V, 50HZ, THREE PHASE 1.5 400 2850 80 47 As Shown 62 - - 60 12

Product Description

Kunjmart's 0.5 Hp Single Stage Ring Blower YEBL-1-80 is a positive displacement blower and is known as a regenerative blower or side channel blower. It is used to provide air or gas flow in a variety of applications. It works by generating high-pressure or high-volume airflow using the centrifugal force and regenerative energy principles. 0.5 Hp Single Stage Ring Blowers offer several advantages in various applications then traditional blowers as it has


Compact Design
Oil Free Operation
Low Noise Level
Custom Pressure & Flow
Energy Efficient


About Ring Blower 0.5 Hp : YEBL-1-80 Product Description


  • Particular Name : 0.5 Hp Single Stage Ring Blower 

  • Model Number : YEBL - 1 - 80

  • Power : 0.5 Hp / 0.4 KW 

  • Power Supply : 415v, 50/60 Hz, Three Phase 

  • Displacement :  80 CMH / 47 CFM

  • Vaccum Pressure : - 130mbar 

  • Static Pressure : 140 mbar

  • Sound Level : 62 dBa

  • Weight : 12 Kg


Ring blowers are used in a wide range of industrial operations, including wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, vacuum lifting, aeration systems, industrial drying, and several manufacturing procedures where dependable and continuous airflow is required. 


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Product Description

Type 0.5 Hp Single Stage Ring Blower YEBL-1-80
I/P Supply 415V, 50HZ, THREE PHASE
AMPS(A) 1.5
WATTS(W) 400
RPM 2850
Airflow (CMH) 80
Airflow (CFM) 47
Static - PR(mm-wc) As Shown
dBA 62
CAP. μf - -
Weight (KG) 12

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