Double Inlet Blower

Double Inlet Blower

Double Inlet Blower Supplier

Established as a one of the top double inlet blower supplier, manufacturer and exporter in Gujarat, India, we are offering huge range of double inlet centrifugal blower. These blowers are available in various size and shapes such as straight bladed, backward inclined and backward curved. These centrifugal blowers are well known in industry for their durability, performance, reliability, sturdiness and compactness. They are useful in many industrial and commercial applications such as for drying, cleaning, ventilation, exhausting hot air, harmful gases, moisture, mist, vapour and circulating fresh flow of air instead.

Working Function of Double Inlet Blower

A double inlet implies that the air is drawn in from both sides of the blower and then exited from one outlet. The rotor having the impeller is balanced in two planes, free from vibration through its functioning period.


Blowers enhance the pressure of the absorbed gas by several vortex motions made by the impeller's centrifugal movement. When the impeller starts rotating, the impeller's channels push the air forward by centrifugal movement and spiral movement. During this activity, the gas is compressed along the track, and the pressure enhances linearly. Then the pressurized air is transferred right from the duct present outside to the place where the blower's installation is needed.


Double Inlet Blower Construction

Our double inlet blowers are made from best quality galvanized steel using automatic machineries in advanced manufacturing unit under the guidance of expert professionals. Forward curved blades are press fitted with blower fan and balanced dynamically for lifetime vibration free running, external motor is also attached to blower for better performance. The motor and impeller assembly is technically mounted on blower housing making unit compact and efficient. Additionally the flow of air stream is directed towards external rotor motor for better cooling of machine.

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We provide efficient air blowers. Our quality professionals strictly supervise and inspect each and every unit on different parameters. Our quality double inlet blowers are highly appreciated in domestic as well as global markets for its reliability, durability, efficient performance and low maintenance. Being a reputed double inlet blower supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India, customers can avail these blowers at market leading prices as per their requirement.

Double Inlet Blower