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Backed by expert professionals, we are leading Axial Fan supplier, manufacturer and exporter in Gujarat, India. Our powers saving axial fans are highly efficient and durable to perform various industrial applications. We ensure that quality raw materials are used to develop these axial fans. Generally mild steel is used in the construction of these fans but in some applications aluminium propellers are required for the resistance of spark or with coating of SS for chemical resistance is also used.

Axial Fan Functions

This is the type of compressors that enhances the pressure of the airflow when it passes through it. The blades of the fan function by forcing the air to move parallel to the shaft, in which the blades rotate around. Thus, the axial flow fan makes the airflow axially. IT provides a lot of diversity, and they function incredibly in some of the available factories and warehouses. Thus, any environment that needs ventilation will benefit from this fan. These fans are best for forced ventilation that is associated with condensers, evaporators, and chillers.


These fans offer a lot of diversity, and they function incredibly in factories as well as warehouses. The impellers that rotate are prominent. The blades that range from number 2-20 depending on the fan's design and performance needs are attached to the impeller. The impeller is connected to the drive motor assembled inside a housing that facilitates parallel airflow through the fan.


Axial Fan Applications

Axial fans are required to perform different industrial as well as commercial applications such as for ventilation, fresh air supply, temperature maintaining, cooling of work place, exhaust of hot air, suction of fumes and dirty gases. In applications such as excessive temperature or high dirt, fan motors kept outside of air stream. They are capable to handle large air volume at low pressure and available at both belt driven and direct driven models, where propeller is mounted on the rotor shaft. Blades of these fans rotate around axis and supply air in the parallel direction of axis. They consume less power and create high air flow at low pressure. Our standard axial fan machine is capable to provide efficient performance on AC as well as on DC power source such as batteries or solar panels.

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Many process and manufacturing industries such as spray, refreshment, vending and commercial establishments need advanced and efficient models of axial fans and new generation industrial blowers to fulfill their various applications. With growing technology features, overheating becomes larger concern for the performance drop off of major equipments. Our Axial fans are excellent choice to maintain desire level of cooling for better performances of these components. As a leading axial fan supplier in India, we are excited to offer our new and more advanced custom models of axial fans as per various industrial and commercial needs.

Axial Fan