Details of Parameters Air Volume and Static Pressure

Details of Parameters Air Volume and Static Pressure

Kunj Enterprise Namely as Kunjmart, a best quality product leading supplier, exporters in India for Extruder Blowers. As we know that there are different type of blowers avilable in the market and we also know that for plastic pipe manufacturers use the different type of blowers. These blowers are either external motor type of internal motor type. As per our working experiance, both motor has high effeciency as well as easily avilable in the Indian market and you also can purchase from kunj enterprise formally name is kunjmart. 

Generally, These all extruder blowers has following technical parameters in which we can provide you breif name of some important parameters. 

1. About Air Volume 

  • Air Volume generally measure into CMH full name / fullform of CMH is Cubic Meter Per Hour. 

  • This volume also measure into CFM full name / fullform of CFM is Cubit Feet Per Minute. 

  • we can covert CFM into CMH or Vice Varsa with the help of using this formula : CFM = CMH / 1.69

2. About Static Pressure > We measure the static pressure in MMWC or MMWG or InchWC or Pascal 

  • Full Form of MMWC is Millimeter Per Water Column, MMWG : Millimeter Per Water Gallon while both name are similar ; MMWC = MMWG 

  • InchWC: you have to convert first Inch to millimeter. 1 inch = 25.4 mm and then you can identify the value of MMWC 

  • you can easily convert PA into MMWC with this parameters: MMWC = PA /9.81