Inline Fan

Inline Fan We are one of the reputed Inline Fan supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India, offering quality fans to supply fresh air in industries like Food, Power, Chemical, Rubber, Colour and various process industries. Inline fans are defined as the exhaust fan connected inside for extraction purpose. These durable fans are equipped with high performance motor for extra capacity. These fans are used in residential, commercial and industrial application, especially where space is important. They are used within duct and can be easily mounted in position as per building requirement.

Inline fans are one of the alternative solutions for any premises in order to remove dust, heat, gas, fumes or supply clean, cool air so they are used as either exhauster or supplier of air. We provide superior quality of Inline exhaust fans in variety of sizes and capacities to fulfil various commercial, residential and industrial applications. Our single propeller inline fan is used for short ducting and supply air flow at low pressure. Centrifugal Inline fan is made for long ducting application with branches and bands and can supply air flow at high pressure whereas mixed inline fans are mixture of above two categories and useful for long ducting applications with several branches and bands. Inline fans are mounted between ducting lengths and can be installed directly in ceiling cavity.

They are very useful type of exhauster where appropriate roof space is not available. We provide easy product solution to fulfil your customized requirement; you can also consult our product experts with your requirement to get easy assistance for fan selection. Our products also contain information describing its specifications such as model, capacity, pressure and features. Being a top rated inline fan supplier in India, we provide these reliable and efficient fans at cost effective prices as per your requirement.