Ventilation Fan

We are one of the established ventilation fan supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. Ventilation fans are type of equipment used to circulate air in the various residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Mechanical fans or blowers are used to circulate air movement in large establishes. Generally they drive out indoor air and provide fresh outdoor air to make environment safe and fresh for people. It is essential for industries and production units to maintain fresh air in their work areas to keep workers healthy.

These ventilation fans are used for removing smoke, contaminated, fumes, odours, hot gases and reducing moisture in various production units, industries, restaurants and buildings. They are very popular in among various industries such as food, chemical, colour, agriculture, mechanical, pharma, grinding, welding, polishing and many more. Sometimes they are also called as industrial ventilation fans, due to their excessive use in industries and manufacturing units to drive away harmful gases and hot air from machinery and workers. Ventilation/ Exhaust fans are generally mounted on roof cut out. Ventilation fans are also able to provide large static pressure. There are mainly two types of ventilation fans are available. For handling low pressure large volume air flow, belt driven fans are suitable. They provide quite operation and has more control then direct drive fans over different fan speed whereas direct drive fans are compact in operation and have less moving parts. Motor is mounted on fan axis called them axial type fans.

Being a customer centric company, we take care requirement of each and every customer requirement and provide customize solutions to fulfil their requirement. We ensure that our products are made from top quality raw material under strict supervision of technical experts in order to provide durable, reliable, noise less and efficient ventilation fans. Being a quality oriented company as ventilation fan supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India, customer can avail these high performative machine at market leading prices.